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    Order by descendingascending

    2nd Order by descendingascending

    Maximum number of rows

    Show only data within projectyesno

    Show expanded attributesyesno

    When expanding attributes show empty joinsyesno

    Export result as

  • Comma separated values: Table-output as comma-separated-values.
  • pickle-d lists: exports table as list of lists in python-format to be read by Unpickler routine.
  • HTML (Default): output is shown in browser.
  • Links to download all files: A text file is returned containing links to all FITS files present in the displayed table.
  • SQL statement: SQL query as text-file.
NO (Default); YES: all attributes in expanded leafs will be shown in the DBViewer result page, this can be very slow or could even crash when a user requests very deep and/or large trees.
The attribute to order the results on, descending or ascending
The second attribute to order the results, descending or ascending
YES (default): only data belonging to the set project is visible.
This specifies the number of rows visible on the output page, where numrow means unlimited. Note, in the browser the upper limit to be shown is 1000, for the other export options an ulimited amount of rows can be written to the output.
When expanding attributes is selected not all atribute instances will expand (or joined), should these be showed.

Click on a project name to select the project

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